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Putting things in a box is very boring.  We live in a time where there is the ability to be exposed to so much innovation, varying methods and unique approaches; this does not only pertain to fitness, it pertains to life as a whole. Kelly is an avid yogi, loves the use of a barre, likes to jump rope like Rocky and lives for a heated room. That is a short list of what she loves and what inspires her. As a result none of her classes are structured to be in a box. They are structured to incorporate various elements of her various disciplines. Sometimes they are all mixed together like in the "Triple Threat" class and in other cases you may see hints of other disciplines pop-up in a class when you least expect it. Her goal is to get you to work hard and sweat all while fortifying your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Kelly shares her weekly Mantra at the start of class to help center your focus and provide you with a deeper mind-body connection.


KOREbyKelly is a truly collective experience, classes will be limited in number of participants.  This true boutique setting will afford Kelly the opportunity to cater to students' individual fitness needs by focusing on their form and thus furthering their development. Proper form is the gateway to results. 


Warrior like Yogis will develop a practice that furthers their flexibility and fluidity in postures. Kelly has a Vinyasa Flow background and will sequence classes based on themes, peak poses and a variety of other inspiration in order to keep you flowing. There will be a focus on strengthening the arms, legs and core via some yoga moves that provide great strength conditioning. Overall there is a cardio and strengthening component to this yoga practice. It is a great compliment to runners, spinners and those who part-take in other KBK classes. Be prepared to move quickly in this class and don't be afraid to sweat. This class is for level 2 students. Please see below for scheduling a private or semi-private class if you are new to yoga or interested in some prenatal classes.


Only those who aren't afraid of a stiff drink should come to this barre. This class is Kelly's idea of a good time at the barre. This is a total body work out with traditional upper body strength moves such as push-ups and planks. The barre will be leveraged for concentrated leg work and in some cases seat work. Other strength moves to further fortify the lower body and core will be weaved in to provide a strong yet slinky silhouette. Props such as resistance bands and gliders maybe be used as garnishes. 

TRIPLE THREAT:            

This is Kelly's signature class as it seamlessly blends all of the things she loves to do in 45 minutes: sweating, strengthening and stretching.  The class is comprised of various segments that target specific areas of the body. Each segment includes jumping rope, strength conditioning and complementary yoga postures to that segment. You will build endurance and flexibility all in one class. Be prepared to work hard and feel great.     


KOREbyKelly also offers personalized solutions to meet your fitness goals. Kelly offers: at home, in-office or private events. Semi-privates are up to 4 people. For private and semiprivate classes, targets will be set and classes will be customized in order to reach personal goals after the first assessment session. Classes will vary between strength and cardio in order to allow for transformation to take place.


Kelly works with corporate partners for in-office health and wellness solutions. She provides a white glove service providing mats, props, towels, etc. Larger group sessions can be crafted around themes, seasonality and group challenges. Please reach out to for more information or to schedule a session/event.


Kelly partners with Katie Fitzgerald from ComplEAT Nutrition. They can collaborate on helping you meet your weight loss goals via food & fitness. They also collaborate together on corporate health & wellness initiatives. 


I love KOREbyKelly because she pushes you to do your best physically, but also gets you in touch with your emotional core. -Carolyn G., 28 years young

Kelly is not only infinitely passionate about getting you to your best shape, she also makes it exciting and - truly - fun. An amazing thing to do with friends, colleagues or just for yourself. -Florence L., 30 something

I credit Kelly with getting me back into my yoga practice after a hiatus lasting several years. Her classes are challenging yet fun, while remaining approachable for all fitness levels. Kelly's passion and enthusiasm for her work and clients is clear and comes through whether she's teaching yoga, barre, or strength! - Allie L., 28 years young

"Kore by Kelly is a truly collective experience". That statement on her website could not be any truer. Kelly does a phenomenal job of combining the best elements of yoga, barre, cardio and strength training. Engaging, energetic and knowledgeable, she is supportive and motivational without being pushy or inundating you with technical terms. One of Kelly's chief tenets is: to listen to your body (something I really hadn't started consciously doing until I began attending her classes), so she will undoubtedly provide you with endless modifications. Her approach makes you feel like you're getting one on one attention in a class of 20. After working out to some killer music, you'll leave feeling more balanced and centered. My advice? Sign up, check it out. But, do it soon. This kid's going places...............- Cristina A., 30 something